Is the Busy Mom Collective right for you?

We all have different journeys to becoming a mom, and our experiences could not be more different.  But somehow, many of us end up feeling the same way; totally in love with our children, and totally lost. If you’ve ever struggled to think of something you like to do just for you, you’re in the right place.  If you’re over being known only as little Susie/ Johnny/ Brayden/ Sophia’s mom, you’re in the right place.  If you totally love your kids, and being a mom, but wish you had something that was just yours, you’re in the right place.

Everything you said is just so relatable.  Thanks so much for the amazing support! ~ Katy C.

Why BMC?

This growing group is for moms who want to give and get support for their hobbies, passions, and dreams.  We’re all here because we know that motherhood is beautiful, and childhood is fleeting, but also that we only live once.  We have our own dreams, hobbies, and passions, and we want to go after them while we can! What’s more, Busy Mom Collective members know that pursuing the things we love makes us happier, more fulfilled, better moms. Buuuuuuut… That doesn’t make us immune from guilt.  Am I right? That’s where the Busy Mom Collective comes in.  We’re a community of supportive women who just want to help each other live our best lives, and be the best version of ourselves – for us and for our kids!

Stacey, you totally ROCK!  Talking to you is like talking to a great friend. ~ Jen R.

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Are you spending all your time and energy on your kids, your husband, your family, your friends... everyone but you? Join this 5-day challenge learn how to say no, discovering time you didn't know you had, and finding your mom tribe.

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