I get it, because I’ve been there

Working full-time, managing my growing business, and being available for my family had me running ragged.  I was tired all the time.  I was irritable.  And, for all that effort, I wasn’t getting much done.

Something had to change, and I knew it had to start with me.  So I took a look at my to-do list.  My ridiculously long, out of control to-do list.  It was pages long.  And many items had been on it for a loooooong time.

I was completely overwhelmed.

Slowly, I came up with a way to organize my list and get it under control.  I could actually go to bed feeling like I’d accomplished something, and that I’d made a difference that day.

Now I face each day ready to go, knowing what I’m going to tackle, and able to handle the realities of being a working mom – because life with kids is full of surprises.